About Us

SBVCG Inc is a consulting firm which helps organizations improve how they operate and create value. We create business value through smarter business models, processes and systems. We specialize in executional excellence in optimizing processes, people and systems. SBVCG Inc helps organizations improve performance, achieve growth, address business challenges, mitigate risk and uncover opportunities for sustainable value creation.

We offer three pillars of services for organizational excellence and success. They are Consulting Services, Lean Six Sigma Services and Information Technology Services.

SBVCGs business is helping organizations drive customer and capital performance to create sustainable and predictable value for owners and stakeholders. Our clients are business leaders with vision and passion. They want their business to succeed and beat their competitors. They continually take action to add value for customers and drive uncompromisingly for higher performance. They also understand that to sustain high customer and capital performance their company must build the capacity to learn and keep changing over time.

We help companies lead transformation change to make money, more of it, faster and with less. We enable management to make the right decisions to capture more value from their current and future customer relationships and increase the effectiveness and value for money of their assets in doing so to ensure resilience of their business.

We know that change is not easy. Through coaching, training and knowledge transfer we reshape the work environment to create healthy mind-sets. We then ensure that energy for change is continually infused and unleashed using simple words and metrics that everybody can understand.



We have the depth of functional and industry expertise in our team and partnership network. We work closely with you as a trusted advisor to tackle significant business challenges and opportunities in a systematic fact based and measurement driven way to deliver effective results-oriented solutions.

We help our clients by taking a hands-on and integrated approach, transferring knowledge and expertise to client staff while working as part of the management team.

We are committed to your success and we deliver results/impact within a short time frame i.e. 30, 60, 90 days.